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2 Tonne Enterprises

Premium Orchard Management

The premium macadamia management company in NSW, driven by data and innovation.

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About us

2te is a family owned and operated company that specialises in macadamia orchard project management, with particular focus on new orchard development on the floodplains of northern NSW. 2te is owned by Robbie Commens and Matthew Durack, bringing together a wealth of Australian tree nut experience and innovation. 

Our company's core values are: Innovation, Professionalism, Transparency and Growth.

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Robbie Commens

Managing Director

Robbie Commens is the Managing Director of 2te. He is a multi-award winning horticultural operator and has a true passion for farming. He has a degree in Agronomy from the University of Queensland, first class honours, and has been involved in the commercial horticultural industry his entire career (over 15 years).

Robbie was previously the Productivity Development Manager in the Australian Macadamia Industry for the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS), where he managed the Australian industries research and development program. During this time he was able to work with industry leading growers, researchers, consultants and marketers to deliver substantially increased grower adoption of best practice, and assist industry wide production increase. 

Robbie was intricately involved with, and led the development of the Australian macadamia industries Integrated Orchard Management (IOM) initiative. IOM is a macadamia specific industry wide innovation that has delivered value across the Australian and International macadamia industry.  

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Our services



2te works with investors to:
- Understand their key drivers
- Review and identify suitable properties.
- Provide outline on key government rules and regulations to operate under
- Complete property appraisal reports.
- Negotiate purchase of suitable properties on behalf of investors.
- Undertake the project management of converting the land from broadacre to orchard production.
- Secure high quality trees from certified nurseries.
- Plant orchards out completely, from mound preparation, planting (including all labour), tree protection and automated watering.
- Manage the orchards for an ongoing period.
- Coordinate capital infrastructure.

Project Management

- Undertake the project management of converting the land from broadacre to orchard production.
- Manage the orchards for an ongoing period.
- Coordinate capital infrastructure investments.

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Three years on shows the benefit of careful planning and flexibility

 Autumn 2021 | Australian Macadamia Society - News Bulletin

Robbie Commens is no stranger to the macadamia industry. He worked with the AMS for more than seven years as its Productivity Development Manager before taking on a new challenge in 2017, establishing a 200 ha orchard on the northern NSW floodplain (Salt Spray Farms) at East Wardell, just south of Ballina. We caught up with Robbie in December 2020 to see how things are progressing after two years of getting his hands dirty on the farm.

Data and Innovation

We improve efficiency by data-driven innovation


2te investigates past the soil surface, to identify opportunities & potential limiting factors as evident in the soil pit photos (taken from the same 15ha block, with significant differences in the sub-soil).

2te utilises drone technology to gain further insight & a range of unique perspectives of their orchards.

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2te invests in Community and Environment



We invested in planting native vegetation areas along waterways and work together with research agencies to continue to increase native vegetation corridors. 2te has applied for government grants to undertake these initiatives.


2te has invested in holding community open days for neighbours and interested community members to come to the current orchard development in East Wardell.

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